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Sheridan College Home Design Presentation 2008
held Friday, March 7, 2008
in Room M29, Davis Campus, Brampton

For 7 years the Architecture Technology Diploma students of the Davis Campus of Sheridan College Institute have focused their energies on creating exciting, functional house designs with the hopes of winning the May Marx Trophy for their efforts.

This year the work of students was pre-selected by their current Studio 2 instructors, Michael Muller, Dave Wackerlin and James Bailey for consideration by judges John Boone and Nathan Buhler on Friday, February 29th.

In addition to the Marx trophy for best design, other awards were being offered in two categories: excellence of design concept and presentation.

As has occasionally been the case, an all round winner was chosen as first in both categories. Second year student Lucas Laurenssen will have his name engraved on the trophy for 2008 and his impeccable presentation panels will be on display for the coming year.

Other students who placed in the competition include, for design: Erica Ali (second), Michael Mancini (third) and Andreh Custantin (honourable mention), and for presentation: Andreh Custantin (second), Wing Lam (third) and Theo Miranda (honourable mention).

These designs are developed over the course of seven weeks to respond to the needs of a fictional family on a hypothetical subdivision located on one corner of the Davis Campus. Each year the students' ingenuity and diligence is challenged by some new twist to the subject family's functional requirements or by unusual site constraints. All students are to be commended for participating in this event.
Above left; Dave Wackerlin addresses the group assembled for the awards ceremony.
Above right; Dave Wackerlin congratulates Theo Miranda (presentation honourable mention).
Dave Wackerlin congratulates Wing Lam (3rd presentation).
Dave Wackerlin congratulates Andreh Custantin
(2nd presentation and honourable mention design).
Dave Wackerlin congratulates Lucas Laurenssen (1st presentation and design).
Michael Muller congratulates Michael Mancini (3rd design).
Dave Wackerlin congratulates Erica Ali (2nd design).
James Bailey presents the Marx trophy to Lucas Laurenssen
(1st design and presentation).
Dave congratulates Lucas.
The group of award recipients (left to right); Michael Mancini, Theo Miranda,
Lucas Laurenssen, Wing Lam, Erica Ali, and Andreh Custantin.
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